Top DJs duo HDSe7eN and Valentina – the singer who conquered MTV are behind the remake of the hit I Like It by the British electronic duo Narcotic Thrust.

In 2004, the track blew up clubs all around  Europe, was on the top 10 charts in the UK, and today it is brought to a  new life with a modern sound, suitable for music trends in 2020.

“Thicker kick and outstanding bass, slower tempo – at the same time simple, but also a deeper feeling , as today,’s music concept” commented HDSe7eN, the freshest addition to the Fa & Mi Music label.

Valentina enters the project with her  distinctive dense and aggressive timbre and the idea for the video of the project is also her’s. The video boldly shows nudity, but аctually is symbolising the complete undressing of restraints, in the way that you are free to do only what makes you happy.

HDSe7eN Bio:

HDSe7eN are the newest name in the Fa & Mi Music catalog, behind which are the two well known DJs Hypnodrum and Se7en.

Hypnodrum is the DJ who rewrote the history of Bulgarian electronic music when one of  his remixes became the first house track realized on vinyl in Bulgaria. He is also the first Bulgarian producer in the Top 100 of Beatport for techno music.

Se7en is a 5-time DJ champion of Bulgaria and a resident in one of the largest electronic music clubs in the country.